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Stop wasting money and time on tax reconciliation software and traditional accountants. We combine tax professionals, data expertise and deep crypto context to provide a full service solution. Read our reviews.

Crypto Tax Report Specialists
CountDeFi provides regulatory compliant crypto tax reports specific to your country of residence.

Regulatory compliant crypto tax reports

Our reports are compliant with the regulatory requirements specific to your country of residence.

We provide crypto tax reports for the USA, UK, South Africa, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Ireland, France, Norway and Germany.

Do you still need to declare your crypto gains?

In the past, there was a lot of uncertainty on how crypto gains should be taxed, resulting in many traders not declaring their gains at all.

Our hybrid team consists of tax consultants, traditional accountants and legal practitioners, as well as data analysts. Our experienced crypto traders provide a deep technical understanding of the blockchain, smart contracts, Web 3.0, DAPPS, to name but a few.

We are here to guide the shift to a regulated DeFi space.

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We perform a thorough analysis of your trades.


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We understand crypto tax calculation software.


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We understand technical concepts.


We are ready to help you.

What our customers say

Trustpilot 5 Stars

I used CountDefi to troll through tens of thousands of crypto transactions, including air drops, hacks, delistings, mining pools etc. Required some effort but they managed to make sense of it all and calculate my p & l. Their forms and processes are well oiled to collect the correct data and provide timely feedback. Very good service and can recommend.

Jaco, ZA

Trustpilot 5 Stars

It was great to work with Chris and the CountDefi team – they knew how to handle all common defi activities, eg. liquidity mining, borrow/lending, icos, nft mints, etc.I’ll be recommending them to all my friends and coworkers in the space!

Andrew Kim, US

Trustpilot 5 Stars

I researched and interviewed intensively, firms that specializes in multi-exchange, wallet and txns and Count DeFi was head and shoulders above the rest. Starting with Chris, the presentation, onboarding, uploading process and constant follow up and finish was the most professional experience. The bar is set high with Count DeFi.

JD Steinberger, US

Trustpilot 5 Stars

Chris and the team know what they’re doing. They were able to produce returns for my complex transaction history without issue. They do a better job at a better price than anyone else in this space to my knowledge. I will definitely be using their services again next year.

Happy Customer, US

Trustpilot 5 Stars

CountDeFi was comfortable working with on-chain data across a number of chains and with a number of different wallets, standing almost alone in this space.

Customer, US

Trustpilot 5 Stars

Wow, these guys are REALLY good. I was soooooo overwhelmed when it came to preparing my crypto taxes and with very little effort on my part I was able to get them the needed information so that they could proceed with preparing a comprehensive report. I highly recommend them and I will be using them for each future tax year. THANK YOU!!!!!

DG Inc, CA



4.7 out of 5

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