Suné Oosthuizen

Discover NFT’s: It’s not just a picture!

Everyone has heard about non-fungible tokens, or NFTs as they are better known. Celebrities like Eminem bought a Bored Ape NFT for half a million dollars. The mainstream media went viral and said they could take a screenshot and have the same thing. But is this the same thing?  Let’s

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Crypto Tax
Andre Immelman

Discover Crypto Tax in Switzerland

Crypto Tax in Switzerland How are crypto-assets taxed in Switzerland? Do you need clarity on how the Swiss tax authority handles crypto assets? In December 2021, the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA) and the Association of Swiss Tax Administrations published their updated working paper and guidelines on the taxation of

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Bitcoin illustration
Crypto Tax
Chris Herbst

Crypto Tax in South Africa

SARS and Crypto Assets The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has set its sights on a new lucrative income source. For the last five years, we (CH Consulting) have been calculating crypto taxes for clients, it is safe to say we have performed more calculations in the last year than

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