Our seven-

phase process

Tax-efficient and accurate reports from our full-service rigorous process. 

CountDeFi block Illustration
Number 1


Assistance with obtaining data sources and validation of data sources.

Number 2

Data analysis

Data normalization, aggregation, enrichment, and missing transaction/source analysis.

Number 1


Per transaction categorization and evaluation. Custom adjustments for liquidity/staking pools, cross-chain bridges, derivatives, lending, NFT bundle purchases, NFT mint/burn, and multiple others.

Number 2


Request context on any remaining unknown transactions.

Number 2

Tax optimization

Inventory method analysis, holding period analysis, and aggressive intervention where feasible.

Number 2


Using control measures for numerous verifications, ensuring no discrepancies across various platforms.

CountDeFi Number 7


Draft reports issued for approval, revision phase if required. Issuance of final reports for submission to accountant/CPA or tax authority.

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