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Update on United States Crypto Regulation

Current Situation United States Crypto Regulations have made headlines and created many discussions in recent months. In 2022 we are seeing a clear focus on regulation in the U.S. especially after the breaking news that the Biden administration wants Crypto...

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Crypto Regulation in South Africa

(Disclaimer: This does not constitute financial advice) The need for crypto regulation Since Bitcoin’s official launch in January 2009, the growth of this technology has been exponential, growing  much faster  than the internet in the early 1980s. With such growth,...

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Crypto Tax in South Africa

The South African Revenue Service and Crypto Assets The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has set its sights on a new lucrative income source. For the last five years, we have been calculating crypto taxes for clients, it is safe to say we have performed more...

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How is cryptocurrency taxed in South Africa

Please note that the information below is an opinion and cannot be used to rely on as formal tax advice. In order to  obtain formal tax advice regarding your tax situation, please contact us directly for a consultation. For the lazy reader I start with a summary: It...

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